Cliven Bundy’s Bizarre Ad With Black Candidate

Cliven Bundy

Pro-Slavery loudmouth Cliven Bundy and African American congressional candidate Kamau Bakari are unlikely saddle pals...Until you dig deeper and realize that they're both bat-sheet crazy.  What are the chances that  Cliven Bundy, of the infamous federal stand-off, and 'Kamu Bakari The Electrician,' are both self-titled patriots who share identical views! Full Article & Video

Breaking Ebola News Andy Sneezes: Conan Obrien

Breaking Ebola News Andy Sneezes: Conan Obrien

Yes, ebola has reached America, but Conan feels  that cable-news might be over-reacting. It may be a horrible virus with the capability to snuff out millions of lives ACK! However,the virus may soon be contained with little or no further loss of life. Either way, the Center for Disease Control Full Article & Video

Slap Ass in Recovery Key & Peele

Slap Ass in Recovery  Key & Peele

There's a whole lot of fanny slappin' going in this men's club!  In a country where men are often raised to be cautious of physical expressions of affection with other men, it's unfortunate, but the world of sports is the one place where they can throw that caution to the Full Article & Video

Bill Maher, Ebola, Oct 17 2014

bill maher ebola

Bill Maher is a bit peeved at the Dallas, Texas hospital that seems to have fked up the world. Fear drives the GOP elections. What a great October surprise for them. ISIS and EBOLA two weeks before the election. Both of which are Obama's fault. For not keeping troops in Full Article & Video