Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables and Trump’s HUGE Double Standard – Seth Meyers


Seth Meyers examines the presidential race's focus on both candidate's health records and the uproar over Hillary Clinton's deplorables comment,  levied against 'half of' Donald Trump supporters.  Fox News was in a tizzy speculating about Hillary's health, but like the true news channel they are, they  did the research and now feel confident reporting that ... Full Article & Video

Hillary and Trump’s Basket of Deplorables – Seth Meyers – Hey!

Hillary and Trump

Seth Meyers gives Hillary Clinton a strong dose of tough love after she insulted Trump supporters (I think insult was her intention) by calling the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and  Islamophobic half of them "a basket of deplorables."  Gasp!  Hillary couldn't have made this group happier if it had been Christmas on Oprah and everybody ... Full Article & Video

Trump and Clinton’s Views on National Security Differ – Seth Meyers

Trump and Clinton

Seth Meyers examines the strengths, weaknesses and nonsense of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's foreign policy.  Seth observes that Clinton's weakness with voters may lie  in her perceived hawkishness regarding the Iraq war.  Clinton is on record as having voted for the war.  Trump vehemently denies supporting the war, despite having expressed full ... Full Article & Video