Seth Meyers Interviews Slippery Kellyanne Conway About Trump – Video

Seth Meyers Interviews Slippery Kellyanne Conway About Trump - Video

. Seth Meyers interviews Donald Trump’s incoming White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, in an entertaining and high-octane exchange.  Naturally, Trump’s relationship to the intelligence community is a hot topic, they also discuss the press and Trump’s frequent use of Twitter.  Meyers deserves praise for conducting one of the more challenging and in-depth interviews of Conway, while maintaining a friendly tone and inserting humor where possible. Meyers challenges Conway when her information is incorrect, and is tenacious in staying on topic when Conway resorts to slithering around an issue. ‘Now You Know’ – the hacking was probably done by a group of Hillary supporters.

Conway is always fierce – if not accurate in defense of Trump, insisting that the press ‘ridicules the President’ – presumably by quoting him. Conway’s boss is such a brilliant, sweetheart that she’s insistent that we pay attention to what his ‘heart says, not his mouth.’  Seth points out, ‘the only way we can hear his heart – is through his mouth.’

Trevor Noah does the Donald Trump Press Conference – video

Trevor Noah does the Donald Trump Press Conference - video

.What they missed here is who Golden Shower Don will or will not be calling on. I sure hope Alex Jones, Tomi Lahren, Joe Farah, Milo Yiannopoulos, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Ted Nugent are there so he has someone to call on with tough questions.

I sure hope someone gets to the golden shower right off the bat. To put him in the right mood. But whatever the questions, it will be the answers that will be the most fun.


“All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.” Donald Trump tweedledeed.

Flat out in your face lie. DC newspapers called around and not ONE dress shop is sold out of anything.

But it’s okay, he can lie all he wants and if anyone says otherwise they are losers and more than likely fat and ugly. A lesson for our children from the President.



Republicans show their power by ripping down the David Pulphus picture at the Capitol

cops are pigs

The big story here is not about Republican’s tearing down art they do not like, that goes without saying, but rather that this is a show by Republicans that they are in total control of everything, can now do whatever they like, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. And in 9 days it will get a lot worse.

First it was Republican Duncan Hunter who ripped the painting from the wall and took it to the office of Black Caucus member Lacey Clay who put it back up. Next it was Republican Doug Lamborn who tore it down again and took it to Lacey Clay who put it back up. Next it was Republicans Dana Rohrabacher and Brian Babin who did it a third time which Clay again put back up. Republican leadership Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy said they would “see to it personally” that it is permanently removed.

Let’s take a look at this painting.

First the underground walkway of the capitol is filled with hundreds of pictures that are the winners of school art contests in each district. Lacy Clay’s district includes Ferguson, Missouri. The high school student who painted and won the contest is David Pulphus who witnessed all the trouble in Ferguson.

The painting is very busy. Let’s go from the top down.

First we see the St Louis Arch in the background to give it the where. Next to that a young black man behind bars depicting the unfairness of our incarceration system. In the center a peaceful march of African Americans and a car depicting driving while black. On the left in front of a beauty parlor a black men drinking, a man yelling through a blow horn and a black women with a big afro. On the Right we have the a black man crucified by the unfairness of our criminal justice system and a good cop arresting a black man. And up front we have two bad cops as pigs with guns drawn about to shoot and unarmed black man depicted as a black dog.

All of which is the reality for African Americans who understand this painting all too well.

In two years the Republicans are expected to win a super majority in the Senate [they only need eight of the 12 Democratic Senators up for re-election in Republican controlled states] and will have the Supreme Court wrapped up for a generation.

And with that power, they can do more gerrymandering and more suppression of the vote to carry it on for generations to come.

Ya know, nuclear war doesn’t seem all that bad…