Obama Scores, and nobody cares

Obama scores no one cares

This one seems to say it all. President Obama got us out of two bad wars, killed Osama Bin Laden, brought the nation out from the brink of collapse, doubled the stock market, cut unemployment by almost half, passed the much needed Affordable Care Act that gives all Americans the right to insurance with pre ... Full Article & Video

Amazon Echo Home Invasion, Hello Dave

Amazon Echo, Hello Dave

The Amazon Echo, brought to you and sponsored by the NSA! Seriously though, BROUGHT TO YOU AND SPONSORED BY THE NSA! The first flaw that I see is that you have to take it with you room to room and plug it in each time.  It needs remote microphones. And how hard is it to connect Full Article & Video

Koch Brothers dance the Capitol Jig

Koch brothers dance the Capitol Jig

This time their billion dollars into the election cycle paid off for them. 28th Amendment to the United States Integrity and honesty being necessary to a successful democracy, no person running for elected official in the United States may accept any money or gifts from any source other than public funding. And there, along with making Full Article & Video