Jon Stewart explains the Torture Document

torture is not American, it is Republican

Torture is a Republican thing, well except for John McCain it seems. Fox News, talk radio, Dick Cheney and the Tea Party sure like it! Character matters. It's the nature of the beast. Let's see. The Republican high moral grounds: Executions, guns, corporal punishment, assault rifles, preemptive war, shooting, torture, rhino rounds, collateral damage and of Full Article & Video

Mika Brzezinksi Learns About Furries & Loses It!

Morning Joe: Mika Brzezinksi Learns About Furries & Loses It!

What could possibly have caused MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski to completely lose her composure and flee the set in hysterics? On Monday's "Morning Joe" Brezinski was reporting the details of a chlorine gas leak at a "furry" convention in Illinois, where convention-goers were forced to evacuate. After reading the words "furry convention" Mika seemed to falter Full Article & Video

First NY City Police body cam results

First NY City Cop body cam

The problem with putting a body cam on our police is that we had a video of them killing Eric Garner for no reason at all, and it made no difference to the Staten Island grand jury. Just a rubber stamp no bill even though it's right before their eyes. But hopefully like many such deterrents, Full Article & Video

YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS #96 Jacksfilms video

YOUR GRAMMAR SUCKS #96  Jacksfilms

Jacks Films 'Your Grammar Sucks' #96, and mine ain't none too good neither. That's a little prezzie for you fellow grammar nazis. ; ) If you're like most people, you're reminded every holiday season at gift exchange time, that "it's the thought that counts." The same is true of internet posts, tweets and comments.  Unfortunately, the Full Article & Video

Who Killed Michael Brown?

Who Killed Michael Brown? Cartoon video

Now that it's official, and Darren Wilson did not kill Michael Brown, the mystery of the year is - who did it? Step forward, and 'fess up please! Listen to Fox News and you'll hear that the scourge of black on black crime is responsible...But Wilson is white and Brown was black, and I'm not ... Full Article & Video

Save the NWORD only for those who act black

Dont act black

The NWORD is reserved for African Americans who act like African Americans. You know the ones. The flashy clothes, the crotch grab, the spread fingers, the hoodies, the low pants, the convict tattoos and haircuts, the bling and most importantly those who make a fuss about racism being a real thing. Of course those who use Full Article & Video

SNL: Star Wars Geriatric Episode

SNL: Star Wars Geriatric episode

Gotta love the no scratch collar on Chewy. And the laser walker! Have you heard about the big Brouhaha over the new Star Wars trailer rendition of the light saber? OMG, it has light saber juice coming out the ends of the sword hilt! Someone could get seriously hurt. Star War fans are upset. Star Trek Full Article & Video

The Guy On Immigration Song by PsychoSuperMom

I'm pleased to present the humorous song stylings of Psycho Super Mom (AKA Lauren Mayer) in a salute to Obama's executive action on that political hot potato...immigration!  Psycho Mom does not leave out Obama's furious opponents; the GOP, who were so totally going to do something, eventually, maybe.  They still may do something...After another extended ... Full Article & Video