Won’t You Shut Up Bill O’Reilly? A Plea in Song


As Bill O'Reilly continues to sink deeper into the quick-sand of his own lies, an observer asks the musical question: "Won't You Shut Up Bill O'Rielly?" The tune is set to ragtime, which the songstress explains  is 'appropriate for the age of O'Reilly's audience.' While it's offered in snark, "Shut up Bill O'Reilly" would be ... Full Article & Video

SNL Dakota Johnson joins ISIS

SNL Dakota Johnson joins ISIS

This ISIS take off on the Dad dropping his daughter off at the airport to go to college is startling and may be poorly received where blond women in red dresses say horrible things without first prefacing they are about to say horrible things. Full Article & Video

What Scott Walker really thinks

What Scott Walker thinks

“If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at CPAC comparing ISIS terrorists to teachers and union members demonstrating for fair wages and benefits, Walker's fight against working stiffs was funded by Koch Brothers money from outside Wisconsin, Scott Walker is the Koch Brothers ... Full Article & Video