Video Olbermann Worst: Phil Hammonds shocking geometry, Chicken Sue Lowden, Sarah Palin Opines for Fox

Gold: Winner Phil Hammonds, the Superintendent of Schools of Jefferson Country, Alabama, who saw nothing wrong with equally demented math teacher Gregory Harrison's methods of utilizing geometry in an everyday situation - if you're training to be a sniper. Granted, using the game of pool, for instance, as an example of angles in geometry ... Full Article & Video

CNN reporter Mark Potter eats a fly on the Bayou

Yummy! But not as bad as a bee up yer nose or an earwig! <span id="XinhaEditingPostion"></span> And for those who may remember the most infamous fly eater on TV. Here is that clip from Everyone Loves Raymond. Sorry buy I could not find a youtube that included the horror of a wet ... Full Article & Video