Ben “Jitzu” Carson teaches us how to confront a mass murderers

Ben "Ben Jitzu" Carson teaches us how to confront a mass murdererMost of these GOP candidates are running for resume enhancements to pull in more money once they fall away after smart people begin paying attention, I expect Sponge Bob Carson to get his own cartoon show on Adult Swim. Well perhaps he is a bit slow for adults and should be on in the mornings.

When the majority of Republicans are swinging for either a really crazy abortion lady, an obnoxious buffoon or a registered moron what does that do for the GOP brand?

Oh wait a minute, the Speaker of the House thing will give them a boost.

HBO Stand Up with Dr Ben Carson

HBO Stand Up with Dr Ben CarsonIn this video we find the answer to what all of us outside the Republican Base asks ourselves every time Sponge Bob Carson open his mouth; what is it that can make even a brain surgeon dumber than a bag of hammers?

The Well Regulated Militia killing our kids

The Well Regulated Militia kills kids

Guns don’t kill people our gun culture does.

Guns are the central celebration of violence in America.

Gun enthusiasts shoot, kill and maim over 250 Americans a day. [not counting suicide]

200 times a day a good gun enthusiast with a gun turns into a bad gun enthusiast with a gun.

When guns become the be-all and end-all of one’s voice and very existence coupled with the paranoia that drives it, gun enthusiasm is itself a mental illness.

Those who really really want a gun are the very ones who really really should not be able to get a gun.

Ted Nugent and his new found pal Ben Carson are now blaming victims for being shot down by good gun enthusiasts gone bad. With that said, it is far less a stretch to point the finger of responsibility at those 200 gun enthusiasts in Rosewood, Oregon – and the 10% around the nation like them – demonstrating against President Obama screaming for more guns for more people in more places.

To the NRA, the gun manufacturers and the gun enthusiast belief that more guns in more hands in more places is the answer there is this.

There were two rooms both with a 100 monkeys. In one they put 100 guns with extended magazines. In the other a loaded six shooter. And there you have it.