iPad Review, Not for Fatties!

The call of the cool caused me to drive past our local Best Buy Saturday morning here in Dumbutt a minute before it opened to see how many people were out front. I had heard each store would get 15 iPads and if I saw less than 15 people there at 8:59 I would peruse ... Full Article & Video

Mika Brzezinksi can Kiss my Ass

Mika "Goody Two Shoes" Brzezinksi, the so called "liberal" sidekick response to the conservative MSNBC early morning pundit Joe Scarborough has finally crossed the line with me. She is the female version of what Alan Combs once was to Sean Hannity. An ineffectual milquetoast who is constantly overpowered by the Republican host. Mika is easily ... Full Article & Video

Video Olbermann Worst Person: Blanche Lincoln D, Ark bi facial, Limbaugh wrong, Dick Morris

Gold: Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, Democrat? Arkansas voters got two senators for the price of one with Sen.Blanche Lincoln. Two campaign ads, one pre-health care reform, and one afterward show Lincoln both opposing AND taking credit for health care reform. The opposing shown as recently as March, when she stood with obstructionist Republicans. The ... Full Article & Video

Video Chris Matthews Sideshow: RNC fundraising with live sex line, Guam may capsize say experts

Come on, it's not exactly unbelievable. ;) The RNC, recently scandalized by expenditures at a Hollywood lesbian bondage club and other extravagant expenditures, made what is being called a typo in recent fund raising material. The question hanging, is whether they've made a reciprocal arrangement with the now even more busy sex line company! ... Full Article & Video

Texas Taliban School Board unrepentant

The Houston Chronicle today published an opinion piece by state representative Carol Alvarado who calls out Texas State School Board to task for it's silly business of rewriting history to how the very WHITE Evangelical Christian Creationist members see things. Stop curriculum rewrite until new board takes over It is a good read on how ... Full Article & Video