Video, Maddow: Marijuana petition tricks Californians into registering as Republicans

Look carefully before you sign any petition which looks like a good idea! For eight dollars per signature, Californians were happy to misrepresent themselves as students,lie, cajole, and convince other Orange Country residents that their name counted toward the legalization of Marijuana, when in fact they were signing on to become card carrying Republicans. It's ... Full Article & Video

Video: Jon Stewart and Sh*tty Goldman Sachs

We find these truths to be self evident:The Republican Party is the party of Big Business.The Republican Party is the party of deregulation.The Republican Party is the party of unfettered free market economics.The Republican Party has 3 times in one week voted against even discussing regulating investment banking. Republicans with the help of Fox ... Full Article & Video

Video, Olbermann: Does the Tea Party support Arizonas threat to personal freedom, the immigration law

Eugene Robinson observes that the alleged party whose very existence would seem to be to rail against "overreaching government" and threats to individual freedom is anything but distressed over Arizona's "Papers Please!" approach to the immigration problem. After all, "taking our government back, is the cry of the Teabaggers! We're told that Arizona's Finest will ... Full Article & Video

Trouble with America? Not enough guns

Houston is the 4th biggest city in America with several stories like this everyday in the local section of the Houston Chronicle. They usually do not report these stories for "woundings" probably because there would then be little room for anything else. As you can see, the problem here in Dumbutt is the same all ... Full Article & Video