Texas Taliban School Board unrepentant

The Houston Chronicle today published an opinion piece by state representative Carol Alvarado who calls out Texas State School Board to task for it's silly business of rewriting history to how the very WHITE Evangelical Christian Creationist members see things. Stop curriculum rewrite until new board takes over It is a good read on how ... Full Article & Video

VIDEO: Olbermann Worst, Bill OReilly, Hutaree, Chris Baker for Glenn Beck

Gold: Bill O'Reilly would never disparage someone unfairly, just listen to him talking about rival MSNBC and Keith Olbermann in glowing terms. Mom, what's a guttersnipe? Silver: Hutaree, Oddly enough, the award goes to the seditious, anti-Christ seeking wingnuts. The so-called Patriots have made an ironic request. Bronze: Chris Baker, speaking of Hutaree, this ... Full Article & Video