Guns on Planes – Archie Bunker

Working on something else - 1970 TV - I found this old All in the Family Video of Archie Bunker's getting a spot on TV to explain things. I happen to remember this one. I was watching it live in a crowded bar. Laughter was uproarious!  Everyone thought it was Full Article & Video

Shittiest Email of All time

Cleaning up today I found this email and my reply from a few years ago. It's a must share. Shittiest email spam of them all From: magic <> Hello of friends! Someone makes your life hell? I can help you! I can influence the fate so negatively by concentration of Full Article & Video

Morning Rackit, Feb 11, 2009

WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS NOWBlares from the cover of this week's NEWSWEEK magazine.I suppose it was around 1949 with the congressional enactment of the House on UnAmerican Activities Committee that the word went so far out of favor. The early Fifties were a time we criminalized political views, enjoyed McCarthyism, Full Article & Video

Morning Rackit, Feb 10, 2009

I noticed a full page ad by the Cato Institute in the Houston Chronicle today. You know the Cato Institute, that's the over the top right-wing think tank behind not only destroying everything related to FDR and the NEW DEAL, but who over the past few years have been doing Full Article & Video