Jon Stewart Reviews CPAC the GOP Woodstock

When watching a video collage like this so overflowing with so much intense hatred and ignorance and dishonestly, it is hard to see any possible way of ever getting anything productive done in this country. Well other than passing out more guns to more people. Oh, and having Big Government tell women what they can ... Full Article & Video

VIDEO Olbermann Worst: Glenn Beck NO evolution, Bob Marshall R VA, sins of Sarah passed to baby Palin, Omsk Siberia Pres Dmitry Medvedevs short visit

Golden Glenn Beck at CPAC. He won't evolve, don't ask him! As Beck sees it, there are two options, "Revolution or Evolution." We assume that because he's only touching upon Conservatives and Commies, as a follower you want to be up in time for the Revolution! Evolution takes far too much time...though I don't ... Full Article & Video

It is official, the P word has replaced the L word

Big Government (read taxes) is very very bad. Big Insurance and Big Pharma and Big Oil and Big Banks are very very good. Big Government Regulation (read taxes) is very very bad too. American Government (read taxes) is akin to Marxism, Stalinism, Communism, socialism, Hitlerism and Nazism (read taxes). Last week a man flew a ... Full Article & Video

VIDEO Ass Branding legal on Colo campus, despite severe burns, surgery on Texas Christian U students buttocks

What's a popular Texas Christian University student to do while visiting Breckenridge Colorado Campus on Winter Break ? Get your butt branded...isn't it obvious! Amon Cartor IV, nicknamed Chance and encouraged by friends with video cams and still photos did just that, getting Greek fraternity ,and sorority symbols burned into his ass ... Full Article & Video

CPAC Straw Poll Winners!

Presidential CPAC straw poll:Ron Paul 31%Mitt Romney 22%Sarah Palin 7%Tim Pawlenty 6%Mike Pence 5%Newt Gingrich 4%Mike Huckabee 4%Mitch Daniels 2%John Thune 2%Rick Santorum 2%Haley Barbour 1%General CPAC straw poll:Jim Demint 73% Glenn Beck 70%Rush Limbuah 70%So the top political voices for Republicans are the primarily Anti-Obamians Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Jim Demint and a ... Full Article & Video