Gunloons take over America

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The guns used in the both the recent Pentagon shootings and in a Los Vegas Courthouse were once impounded by the Memphis police department and resold to dealers. Gun used in Pentagon shooting linked to Memphis police "Those who really really want a gun are the very ones who really really should not be allowed ... Full Article & Video

Video: SNL Eric Massa exit interview

Just guy stuff tickling piles, just guy stuff groping, just guy stuff sleeping together, just guy stuff sitting naked on other guys faces. It's just good ole boy guy stuff to be sure! What us Texas guys do down here in Texas all the time! Well when we are not shooting stuff anyway. Full Article & Video

VIDEO: Glenn Beck attacks church goers as Nazis, flocks advised to shun Beck

Glen Beck and his enchanted blackboard have revealed a nefarious scheme, one which elevates the looniest of conspiracy theorists to near philosophers by comparison. Rev. Jim Wallis who hopes to reason with Beck, explains how Beck has found the "code words" - namely, social justice and economic justice, which - if you follow along ... Full Article & Video