Worst, Glenn Becks Oopsie bigger than Coakleys, Bill OReilly misses racism, Sean Hannity Coakley facts skewed

I can almost understand forgetting a long-ago glitch with the IRS. In Glenn Beck's case, two weeks haven't passed since his $20,000 fine. It didn't stop him from lobbing a boulder at Martha Coakley from his all-glass mansion. It seems she had some tax problems recently discovered, which pale in comparison to Beck's. Moving along, ... Full Article & Video


Relatively speaking... This loss is  nothing compared to that morning in Novemember 1994 when we woke up to find that three of the most obnoxious reactionary neo confederate Right wing aholes in Congress had taken over the House of Representatives: Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey and Tom Delay. They were 40 seats down and came out ... Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart on air mental breakdown over Tea Bagger Scott Brown taking the Kennedy Senate seat

[Scott Brown's tea bagging equipment shaded out]Turnout of special elections aside.Also put aside the Massachusetts legislature who created this special election rather than allow Governor Mitt Romney (who believes Jesus is from Michigan) appoint John Kerry's Senate seat to a Republican if had he won the 2004 Presidential election. Sure Martha Coakley made ... Full Article & Video

Sexism and Misogyny at Houston Fire Station 54

"I do not condone, nor will I tolerate what occurred at Station 54." Houston Mayor Annise ParkerNot long ago female firefighters Jane Draycott and Paula Keyes complained to the Houston Fire Chief that they were being sexually harassed by male co workers at Fire House 54. After the complaint fireman at station 54 - wanting ... Full Article & Video