America’s eyes wide shut, McVeigh Okay

There was no religious, political or cultural war after Army hero Timothy McVeigh did in 168 men, women and children in the name Christianity, the NRA, restoring honor and taking back our country from big government tax and spend not religious or white enough Democrats. Just a rogue extremist is Full Article & Video

Video: OMG, Glenn Beck Lied! OMG!

We must ALL gather on the mall to restore honor and honesty to take back our country from right-wing talk show hosts and chillbilly airheads. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I have noticed that everyone has conceded to The Beck Fox News numbers Full Article & Video

Video: Glenn Beck Rally Interviews

After watching this the old logic tree becomes clear. Premise 1 - These are very very stupid people. Premise 2 - These very very stupid people see the world only through the eyes of Fox News and Company. Conclusion - Fox News and Company market specifically to very very stupid Full Article & Video