PHOTO: Republican Retards Sarah Palin, Governor Rick Perry, David Carney and Ted Nugent

"That's just retarded. This is just retarded. That is the most retarded thing I've ever heard." Governor Perry top campaign consultant Dave CarneyThat coming a few days before Sarah Palin will be at a major campaign event with Governor Perry during the Superbowl, which also includes the officially retarded Ted Nugent on guitar. David Carney ... Full Article & Video

VIDEO Olbermann: Carly Fiorina borrows Monty Pythons plummeting sheep in awful campaign ad

Keith Olbermann shares insight regarding Carly Fiorina's "demon sheep" ad. The Python bit isn't the frightening part, but the glowing red eyes, and man in a sheep costume may keep you awake! Possibly the worst campaign ad of all time however, it was lauded by Democrats.Today The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's online commisssion named the ... Full Article & Video

VIDEO: Stepehen Colbert, Homophobes Duncan Hunter and Frank Gaffney wrong about Hermaphrodites

Washington Times reporter Frank Gaffney and California Congressman Duncan Hunter, both bigots and homophobes representing the Republican Party and Jesus are warning us that allowing Gays in the military will also force transgenders and hermaphrodites into the Marines. Stephen Colbert explains that hermaphrodites are not gay but doubly straight!  I might also add that hermaphrodites make Full Article & Video

VIDEO: Olbermann, Palin a hypcrite, bad mom, okay for Limbaugh, Republicans to use word Retarded

Yesterday, certain that Sarah Palin's umbrage came from a genuine motherly feeling of protection for her Downs Syndrome baby, guest Margaret Carlson said that Sarah Palin would be just as defensive if Republicans used the word retarded as she was when she demanded Rahm Emanuel's job. Rush Limbaugh has unapologetically used "Retard" - as ... Full Article & Video