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Paul Wolfowitz, Youngster of Zion Bites the Dust AGAIN!

When it comes to dealing with Muslims, never ask a Jew what to do.
Paul Wolfowitz, who along with the other Youngsters of Zion; Richard Perle, William Kristol and Douglas Feith, is who got us into this dumbass war in Iraq. In 1991 after the carnage we wrought upon Saddam’s army running home with television sets from Kuwait on the Highway of Death, it was decided to let them retreat and call it a day.
George Bush the Father called in Secretary of State James Bakker, National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, Joint Chief of Staff Colin Powell, Commanding General Norman Swartzkopt and Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney who all advised him that going into Baghdad was a very bad idea. Even the heavy intellect of Vice President Dan Quayle understood and advised. This was seen as a horrendous failure by the Jewish Neo Cons led by Richard Perle who within months, with the help of William Kristol, had hatched their plan to begin their Forever War.
These Neo Cons knew the politics of the time was not conducive to their plan as they had a wussy President with a dumbass staff, but they could wait. A year later Bill Clinton was elected, they knew he was far too smart to fall for their bad idea. In 1996 they realized that even if Bob Dole were to win, he was smart enough to never fall for their crap. So their only hope was to wait until the Voting Buffoons of America elected an ideological conservative President with even less brain matter than Ronald Reagan. It was a Godsend that their man also had an insatiable joy for killing and put religious dogma above reality. In 2001 George W. Bush became President and their plan for the Forever War began in earnest. September 11th was the turning point.

I just read a NEWSWEEK article this week telling me what a wonderful altruistic genius Paul Wolfowitz is. After I spit a mouthful of soggy Cherrios all over myself, I of course made the call to cancel my subscription, loudly.
When it became apparent a year or so ago what a bad idea the war in Iraq was, of its prime designers in the Bush Administration were shown the door, Richard Perle (who was also profiteering) followed by Wolfowitz and Feith. William Kristol, the voice of this Jewish Neo Con cabal, is still editor of the Right-wing Weekly Standard and one of Fox News’ most ubiquitous talking heads still pushing this, the worst idea in American history.
So what does George Bush do with the guy who ruined his presidency and legacy for him? After firing him for gross incompetence, the President handed him the reigns of the World Bank. Good place for fired failures — by soon to be fired failures. Storming into the World Bank to fight corruption and cronyism Wolfowitz handed his girlfriend $30,000. But that was not the real issue, rather it was that Wolfowitz brought to the top hierarchy of the bank his hand picked Neo Con ideologues, while he suffered the bank to his cold, snotnosed “my way or the highway” leadership.
This boy genius has now proved himself to be an abject failure at two important jobs, what is left for George Bush to hand him? The office of Attorney General will soon be up for grabs. And he could shift Roberto Gonzales who recently proved his gross incompetence over to the World Bank!
And there you have the core failure of George W Bush. Appointment by Right-wing ideology and personal loyalty rather than competence.
When it comes to dealing with Jews, never ask a Muslim what to do.

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