Pence and Trump’s Despicable NFL Stunt – The Truth, Keith Olbermann

Pence and Trump's Despicable NFL Stunt - The Truth, Keith Olbermann

“The President of the United States and the Vice President of the United States have planned and executed a cheap, cynical political stunt, which disrespected and desecrated the flag of this country. “

This is the first sentence of Keith Olbermann’s conviction of Trump and Pence’s clownish act of theater, staged yesterday at the 49ers game. In Keith’s subsequent comments he’s not as nice to the dimwitted duo, who are using the athlete’s right to protest police brutality to gin up racial prejudice,and remove our right to protest by calling it unpatriotic.

Keith reminds us that the National Anthem is stolen from an English drinking song…It isn’t America. The flag is a piece of cloth often manufactured in other countries. The flag represents our right to protest it when others who are wrapping themselves in it are doing wrong. When the Indiana branch of the American Legion protests and denounces the unpatriotic actions of the ‘President’ and ‘Vice President’ – they truly have it coming!