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Phillipines Rodrigo Duterte, Trump says he is solving the Drug problem the RIGHT WAY

Phillipines Duterte, Trump says he is solving the Drug problem the RIGHT WAY

.Philippines Dictator Rodrigo Duterte said last night that in a very pleasant phone call, The Donald told him he was solving the drug problem “the right way.” 5000 street executions by Duterte’s police, army and vigilante groups. Most all summarily executed in the streets. I am sure it is a given that with The Donald we will see a big spike in federal prisons and executions. But done properly the American way!

Like Brexit, the Russians 80% satisfaction with journalist murdering dictator Putin and the popular election of Duterte who brags about how many people he personally murdered, Donald Trump follows the trend to be elected president of the United States in this world where to quote Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan “The times they are a changing.”

To make matters worse The Donald had a friendly talk with the Taiwan President the other day, which since Ronald Reagan has a been a diplomatic NO-NO for to do so is a direct affront to the real ChiNA who is hot about it. But this probably will not matter much after The Donald pulls out of TPP and begins his trade war with the biggest market in the world.

But not to worry! For as everyone in the world now knows, The Donald saved 1000 jobs in Indiana from going to Mexico! Though Carrier did say that they were moving more jobs than he saved to Mexico.

This my friends is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. All world leaders up to now have been pleasant with bended  knee to The Donald Elect. Just wait until one of them says something about his little dick.

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