Pope Francis, over population is the main cause of poverty, Plante cartoon

pope francis

Of the many political cartoons about Pope Francis, this is the only one I could find that had any mention of the most serious problem with the Catholic Church – advocating over population through the absurd, stupid, wrong headed, dangerous and FKCED UP policy on birth control. This is dumber than denying global warming and evolution combined. It is even dumber than Glenn Beck and Louie Gohmert.

And what do we have with Pope Francis?¬† An advocate for the poor is all fine and well, but we had that with for a long time with the Pope before the last Pole and what did it accomplish? Pope Francis is more conservative than the last two Popes on homosexuality, abortion, gay marriage and he even wants to deny gay couples adoption rights. The good news is he is 76 and what with the new process of retiring Popes, it may not be long before we get another Pope! To carry on with no birth control, no abortion, no gay marriage, no women priests and an advocate for the poor. Forever and ever and ever…