The Prancing Elites upset Semmes, Alabama Christmas parade

prancing elitesThis is fun on many levels.  First of all, how did the name “Prancing Elites” not ring the bell of the parade organizer?

Then there is the interview with these men who are so utterly nice and reasonable, and just want to dance.

And of course the Southern Christian bigotry directed at homosexual men, DOING NOTHING WRONG but being homosexual men.

You see? Had all things been equal, but the dancers being hairy football players in drag or female cheerleaders, it would have been fun for everyone. These guys are vilified not for what they did but for who they are. BIGOTRY.

Hopefully this media blitz will get them off and running into some recognition. Hey, I have an idea!  How about “The Prancing Elites” reality show on A&E?