#PrayForFEMA – Trump Responds To Puerto Rico – The Jim Jefferies Show

#PrayForFEMA - Trump Responds To Puerto Rico - The Jim Jefferies Show

On the Jim Jefferies show: Resident Trump addresses Hurricane Maria by tweeting useless hashtags, dedicating a golf trophy and blaming Puerto Ricans for wrecking his budget.
What’s that…Trump “dedicated” a golf trophy? I was mistaken. I thought Trump promised to send it to Puerto Rico. Of course he would have forgotten to send it, but just sharing a dedication with Florida really isn’t so special. On the bright side, now we can ALL help out in the same way as Resident Trump! Just dedicate a cup or bowl in your own home. Heck, dedicate them all and be a super hero!

Jim Jefferies takes us through the terrific job FEMA is doing – according to Trump who thinks all he has to do is include #FEMA on a tweet to set things in motion. On the other hand,¬† FEMA can’t act until San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz stops slogging through the streets searching for survivors, and sends them the MEMO they need. Silly government… Jim knows that nothing will happen until you add #PrayForFEMA to your message!