President Bannon ascends while Donald Poops his pants, MSNBC Joe and Mika

Trump holds the world with just one finger

The other day Joe Scarborough said of The Donald’s trip abroad that President Trump “pooped his pants.”  Unlike with Kathy Griffin there was no picture so only Sean Hannity’s heart was broken as the last man standing over there in his Fox News safe zone.

Today in response to Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris accord  by putting the cherry on top of the middle finger cake he gave Europe last week to now giving the finger to the entire world, Joe and Mika have doubled down and now refer to Donald Trump as President Bannon’s adjective adviser who knows nothing of policy, science, history or anything at all other than buying real estate with his daddy’s money and riling up bigots.

As I am sure you have heard MSNBC has gone ahead of both FOX NEWS and CNN as the most terrific fantastic beautiful successful WINNING cable news network. Perhaps partly due to giving two moderate Republican women without legs, Greta Van Sustren and Nicolle Wallace their own shows and soon removing firebrand Lawrence O’Donnell with moderate Brian Williams who has paid his dues.