President Donald J Trump IS a bigot and a racist

President Donald J Trump IS a bigot and a racist

This quote was from a 1991 book on Trump by John O’Donnell which was said in a private conversation. In a subsequent Playboy interview Trump said whatever O’Donnell wrote was probably true. Did Donald Trump really say those things?

We can go back to the racism in his family history, his calling the five black kids guilty of rape after they were exonerated and found not guilty, the Lord of Birtherism, being forced to call out White Supremacists and Neo Nazis in Charlottesville three days late and of course the recent tweet attack on the Black CEO of Merck for leaving his manufacturing counsel while not commenting on the two white guys who did the same. All of that IS racism. Period.

But the far bigger issue is that he won the election on racism and bigotry.

Six of the seven reasons Trump won in November are all about racism and bigotry:

  1. The Wall
  2. Birtherism
  3. Sexism
  4. Ban on all Muslims
  5. Deportation of 11 million Hispanic families
  6. Fighting reverse racism..
  7. Giving anyone smarter than a Palin the finger