President MORON throws paper towels at Puerto Rican hurricane victims

President MORON throws paper towels at Puerto Rican hurricane victimsIn that no one caught one of these rolls and shoved it up our moron’s ass means the crowd was first ID’d as Republican. Well except for the Mayor of Puerto Rico who behaved far far better than our Moron in Chief.

I wonder what he will be throwing out to his culled Republican crowd in Las Vegas?  Rolls of gauze? MAGA hats? Bump stocks?  Autographed pictures of himself?

But rolls of paper towels are important to hurricane victims.  What if they spill their coffee on their table?  Wait, they don’t have coffee or tables. Hmm… Cooking bacon in the microwave.  Oops, they don’t have any power for their micorwaves. Wiping crayon scrawls off their walls.  On no, they have no walls.  I know I know! To pick dog poop off the floor, floors they got!

And this story comes out at the same time we find Rex Tillerson called President Trump a moron back in July. Well Rex, Trump is still a moron. And now that the cat is out of the bag Rex will have to either genuflect into the oval office and deny it or quit as he and every other cabinet member with a lick of human decency should have done six months ago.

What is a sociopath? Someone who has no empathy or ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. President Trump is not only a moron but a sociopath.  And everyone who voted for him knew it before hand and voted for him anyway.  The only reaching out to them should be with a bowling ball.