President Trump Presser, he who smelt it dealt it, FOD

President Trump Presser, he who smelt it dealt it, FODThis press conference with questions about snacks and farts was more sane and grounded than the real thing.  I missed Donald’s press conference so instead I read the whole transcript online.

Let me tell you, reading it make it even crazier than seeing it. It was like reading the screenplay for the movie Idiocracy.

The Republican media calls yesterday’s press conference “historic” and “red meat for his following.” The mainstream media called it “combative, grievance filled, ranting and falsehood-laden.”

Falsehood-laden? This just in, the president of the United States is a pathological liar. PERIOD.

So say so!

What can happen if you do tell this pathological liar that he is a pathological liar? He won’t call on you again?  His minions won’t watch your network anymore? Republicans will no longer cross the isle and vote for liberals anymore?

We all know this. The game is to bait him into an unconstitutional or criminal meltdown. He even knows that is the game. But his existential flaw is that he believes himself so smart that he won’t fall for it. Though he does fall for it little by little each and every day.