President TV, more TIVO’s than Brains, Daily Show

President TV, more TIVO's than BrainsTrump is still firing people on TV! After all, TV is where he learned everything he knows.

Trevor Noah has hit on something in this. With all the angst at James Comey from both sides of the aisle, had Donald Trump thought this out and called Comey into the oval office to hand him his walking papers in person with just a brief explanation that Comey’s decision to not indict Hillary Clinton and then turn against her in late October was too inconsistent for confidence in his FBI director, this bombshell could have lasted a week rather than the beginning of end for The Donald.

One thing we all learned in the first 110 days is Donald Trump is not the sharpest knife in the drawer no matter how many times he tells us otherwise.

I cannot shake the image of Republicans sitting with their heads on their desks with their arms over they heads crying “OMG, what did we get ourselves into…”

Approval rating for Trump went down four points to 36 before the firing. GOP approval rating down 16 points behind Democrats. Soon he will be down to only the Trump base.

What if there were no Fox News or Rush Limbaugh? No safe zones for them… What then?