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It’s not prom it’s HBO! FOD

Danger Will Robertson Danger!  This one has lots of bad words so be careful.

hbo is promA website recently got hold of the emails sent to the FCC complaining about Miley Cyrus twerking, FCC Inundated With Miley Cyrus Complaints.

Much of it calls twerking, or what Bill Maher has nowt defined as FKING NOTHING, prom. No it isn’t prom. As the Supreme Court once said, we know what prom is when we see it.

It’s a forest through the trees issue. These religious moralists see matters of sex as the moral issues of our time, while their central political position¬† is a screaming denial of health insurance for the poor, the working poor and THE SICK for christsake. And don’t get me started on the guns and bombs. Jesus Christ my ass.

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