Rachel Maddow outs Donald Trump’s lunatic rally supporter Michael the Blackman

Rachel Maddow outs Donald Trump's lunatic rally supporter Michael the BlackmanGosh… ¬†Michael the Blackman who Donald Trump makes sure is front and center for his background videos at his rallies. Who he singles out as terrific and beautiful and representative of the African American community.

Okay, you probably now by now that Michael the Blackman is a Evangelical Christian fundamentalist and an Infowars conspiracy wonk who blames the Illuminati and the Jews for all the world’s problems.

Perhaps you even know that he advocates “what the Bible says” to go kill every man woman and child involved with ISIS. As did Donald Trump. Perhaps Michael the Blackman is one of Trump’s personal friend evening advice phone calls? Killing women and children is a terrific thing for these two jerkoffs and of course ISIS.

But I bet what you didn’t know about Michael the Blackman is that there is a group of people even more horrible, sinister and in league with the Devil than the Jews!

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing and are curious to know who the worst of the worst really are, start at 5:30. Gosh… You’d never guess.

This kind of expose by Rachel Maddow is probably why Pat Robertson recently had a meltdown over her and MSNBC now consistently beating Fox News in the evenings. While this kind of work she does outing these Trump supporters is why she has tripled her share in just two years. She may be a bit boring and condescending like Al Gore, but she is one of the few who actually does THE WORK.