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It is RELIGION that gave us Brexit, Trump and the return of White Nationalism

osama bin laden TIME man of the 21st Century

. It is evangelical fundamentalist religion that is most responsible for not only Donald Trump soon becoming the President of the United States, but Brexit and the rise of white nationalism throughout our Wide White World.

It began in New York City on September 11th 2001 and in just 15 years Osama Bin Laden did more to change the world for “good or ill” than anyone thus far in the 21st Century.

At this time in 2001 TIME magazine gave their yearly MAN OF THE YEAR award not to the man who so changed the world that year, but chose of all people Rudy Giuliani who just yelled a lot. Talk about FAKE NEWS? That was the biggest instance of FAKE NEWS in American history.

GOD IS GREAT they scream as they murder hundreds in Europe. GOD IS GREAT as they murdered thousands in America. GOD IS GREAT as they murder hundreds of of thousands of Muslims throughout the Muslim world.

All in the name of GOD. Evangelicalism at the point of a Kalashnikov and a suicide vest. All in the name GOD. And of course the fundamentalism to take ISLAMIC culture and the entire world back to the Dark Ages.

Oh we can play fake news to pretend the people who voted Brexit, or Trump, or the rise of white nationalism throughout Europe is all about jobs but “come on man.”

It’s all about religion using murder and mayhem to disrupt the world more successfully than anytime since the Reformation. That disruption has now brought tens of millions of Muslim refugees pounding on Europe’s door giving rise to white nationalism that has not been seen at this level since the rise of fascism in the 1930s.

We talk about political correctness which Trump voters say is why they voted for a vindictive narcissist know-nothing for President.  So many are so confused about what Political Correctness is.

As I have said repeatedly over the years, if you want to understand what is going in with the Wide White World, every time you see or hear the word MUSLIM, substitute it with JEW.

Let me give you two of the most dire examples.  TIME magazine picking Rudi Giuliani instead of Osama Bin Laden as the person who most changed the world in 2001. That is feel good crap beyond the absurd.

Secondly the most dire form of Political Correctness here in America, that RELIGION cannot and will not be disparaged in any way by any American politician or by the main stream Media without dire consequences. In fact we don’t even know what those consequences would be because none of them have ever had the balls to try it. Bill Maher is on HBO and the most hated white man in America. Sorry Michael, you been too squishy lately.

In fact it is so off the rails that they have replaced the word RELIGION with SECTARIANISM. Sectarianism – terrorism, murder and war of one religion or subgroup of religions against another. But religion is not mentioned.

One last thing.  You know where this is having the least effect?  China and the Pacific Rim where the RELIGIONS OF THE BOOK have little sway, where religion is an internal process to help find peace in the here and now.

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