Republican Gun Nut Senator Lindsay Graham craziest man on Earth

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gun nut lindsey grahamCome on! If ever there was an obvious and needed question asked here, which is what this issue is all about, is when this jerkoff of a War Senator says “I own and AR15.”

WHY??????????????????????? There you go. To let that jerkoff War Senator off the barrel without asking that question shows even the media is afraid.
What are the possible answers to that? “Because I can?” “My right to play with it outweighs the lives of 20 six year olds?” “I need it in case Republicans fail to destroy Obamacare?” “I need it in case a large group of WHATHAVEYOUS come crashing through my door?” Or the most obvious, “Its to stick up the ass of any Yankee liberal telling me what to do?”

The front page of the lite Right leaning New York Daily News called Wayne LaPierre “The Craziest Man on Earth” while on the front page of the far Right Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post called him a “GUN NUT!” Here we have Republican Senator Lindsey Graham saying the same thing that Wayne LaPierre said a few days ago plus bragging about owning an AR15. And Lindsey Graham is one of those so called MODERATE Republicans. Which is now true considering the new junior Senator from South Carolina Tim Scott is a hard core Tea Party nutjob and African American! This is how Republicans reach out to the Black Community. Elect a black man who is against issue important to African Americans. It takes South Carolina back to antebellum, where slave owners could not possibly be racists because they liked their House Negroes, so much so that they even had sex with the better looking ones… How could Republicans today be racist, the appointed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court!

You hearing all this bilge that the NRA has lost its Mojo? I have not seen or heard of one single SINGLE REPUBLICAN who is not retiring, agree that guns should even be in the dialog, yet alone controls.

So why are they doubling down after coming from such an election beating caused by this very same kind of thing. Well after voting against the disabled including veterans last month, last week they sent us into economic chaos rather than raise taxes on the rich by 3%? They… [ The mainstream media and news gatherers are not allowed to tell you what people think. Only Fox News and Talk Radio are allowed to do that. And I will be dipped in santorum if I can’t to it too]

The reason the GOP is doubling down on all their intolerant, bigoted, selfish, Tea Party crap is they believe they will come out stronger in 2014 than the did even in 2010 because “the N*GG*RS, the SP*CS, the F*GS and the SL*TS” don’t come out to vote in off year elections. And as they only lost 2012 by 3 points, they will easily win in 2014. Which will give them more control of the state legislatures and governors, more power to keep gerrymandering themselves more districts, and increase their numbers in the US House and hopefully take the US Senate.

And don’t kid yourself as to what they want the assault rifles with the extended clips for. Its YOU.