Republican Majority Says College is BAD for the USA – The View

Republican Majority Says College is BAD for the USA - The View

America is plagued with problems, but a Pew Poll found that a whopping 58% of Republicans believe that college is to blame for what ails us as a nation! We could have expected as much from a few die-hard Trump fanatics,but one would think that 58% crosses a lot of educational and background lines.

While Joy Behar argues that college opened her eyes to the world and enriched her life, it is soon evident that opening their offspring’s eyes and minds is exactly what the Right does not want!  Right-wing panelist Jedediah Bila testified that she “knows that there is a bias” on college campuses.Yep, all of ’em.  Bila contends that many Trump voters are educated and wealthy, and that the wealthy are struggling with punitive taxes that eat away fully half of their income. Tweets coming in seem to bear out the feeling that professors are wild-eyed liberals, intent upon indoctrinating God-fearing, weak-minded, America- loving students. Clearly liberals have erected mind-control centers at all major colleges in the United States, it would be foolhardy to set foot on a so-called campus to check it out.
With enough low-information voters, and people with this narrow mindset, the Trump-Putin Dynasty is assured in perpetuity.

The sweetheart in the photo was caught at a Trump rally, where he struggled to express a strong feeling about “fake news” – which by definition is any press release or coverage which shows Trump and followers, unedited and in their natural habitat.