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Republican Party Selfie, Mike Lukovich cartoon

republican party selfie

Fox News is indeed the gorilla of cable news. The top cable news channel for 12 years and running. But the have a problem. The average age of their viewership is 66. Their top draw primetime program with Bill O’Reilly has a viewership of 68+ [television age demographics do not go beyond 68].

Our Greatest Generation voted against President Obama 60 / 40 in both 2008 and 2012. They don’t like Mexicans, Coloreds, Fairies and have the highest rate of voter turnout than any other age group. But they are dying off, no thanks to FDR’s Social Security, LBJ’s Medicare, and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Plavix.

Fox News has precisely the same demographic problem as the Republican Party. Though they are both presently doubling down on their animus directed at Hispanics, African Americans and gays, those groups have consistently avoided FOX and the GOP so it matters little. On the other hand the age demographic will very soon do them in.

The real problem with our Democracy is not the money corrupting it, rather it is that so few people vote, especially in local, special and off year elections. It is so bad that in our primaries  less than 10% of the electorate choose who our candidates will be.

Voter turnout has been steady since World War II, 60% in Presidential elections and 40% in off year elections. Or 50% of us choose not to vote. Most all of whom are poor and would vote heavily Democratic. Changing the very nature of America.

We often hear about Australia and their mandatory election process, which BTW elected a conservative government in their last election. But they are not alone.

Under federal electoral law, it is compulsory for all eligible Australian citizens to enroll and vote in federal elections, by-elections and referendums.

After each election, the AEC will send a letter to all apparent non-voters requesting that they either provide a valid and sufficient reason for failing to vote or pay a $20 penalty. If, within the time period specified on the notice, you fail to reply, cannot provide a valid and sufficient reason or decline to pay the $20 penalty, then the matter may be referred to a court. If the matter is dealt with in court and you are found guilty, you may be fined up to $170 plus court costs and a criminal conviction may be recorded against you.

Other nations that follow much the same plan:

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic

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