Republicans Tell Obama NO, Tom Toles


President Obama has made two very big mistakes so far.  Both relating to the reason I had HILLARY 2008 bumper stickers on my car. Mrs. Clinton may be a lot of things, but politically naive is not one of them. She understands the nature of the Beast.

1) President Obama actually believes he can reason with conservatives to get non partisan action. The absurdity of that makes me wonder not what country he came from but what planet. I have some advice for the President. Treat Republicans just as fairly as they treated Democrats over the past 28 years.

2) President Obama took a shot at Rush Limbaugh by name! MY GOD! What was he thinking? He just does not seem to understand what he is up against with these people. 

Or is he so smart that in just one week he has driven that dying elephant over the cliff to oblivion?

We report you decide…