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Republicans vote against VA funding, Jon Stewart

bill o'reilly versus karl Rove vaThese Republicans trying to put the blame of this VA scandal on President Obama voted against VA funding just two months ago. And it goes back a generation with most every Republican House and Senate member signing a contract with Grover Norquist to never raise taxes for any reason ever.

The Bill O’Reilly versus Karl Rove spat in this one has something to say. It is not only that it is the Republicans who refuse to fund the VA with enough doctors and services to make it work, but it was Republicans who started the three wars that has caused the overflow in the first place.

Of course the GOP – and sadly the media thus far – have said throwing money at this is not the answer. Like education, good teachers paid well with new schools and equipment does not matter.  I suppose both health care and education can only be solved by the American Trifecta of no taxes, free markets and Jesus. Oh, and guns.

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