Richard Spencer leads KKK Torch parade to honor the Confederacy

Richard Spencer leads KKK Torch parade to honor the Confederacy“You will not replace us! Russia is our Friend!” The torch bearing white supremacists chanted as they channeled 150 years of the Ku Klux Klan into this 2017 iconic image of Trump making America Great Again.

All of them Trump supporters, led by Richard Spencer who campaigned for The Donald. This is Alt Right Steve Bannon’s gang. And of course, all good god fearing Christians and dumber than a van full of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Searching YOUTUBE I could not find any major news source that covered this event in Charlottesville, Va, mostly it was RT, ALJEZERA and outlets with foreign sounding names and sources I never heard of. Why is that?

Perhaps it is a reflection of what went down in Louisiana last week in which the subsequent polling found that the majority of the people of Louisiana were against removing any confederate statues. Take minorities out of that polling and that number changes to the VAST majority of white people on that racist band wagon. Which in turn can be honestly extrapolated to cover all the confederate states and Idaho.

And hey, if The Media were to jump too hard on this issue they could very well alienate themselves to the fine Christian white people of all America!