Rick Perry Picks Creationist Gail Lowe to replace Creationist Don Mcleroy

governor perry hairGovernor Rick Perry – who has even nicer hair than Rod Blagojevich – has appointed Gail Lowe rather than Cynthia Dunbar to head the Texas Board of eduction to replace Don McLeroy. This keeps the board unchanged with 7 to 9 of the 15 votes being evangelical fundamentalist Creationists deciding what Texas children read and learn.  

You remember Cynthia Dunbar who uses the terms "unconstitutional", "tyrannical" and a "tool of perversion" to describe public education. More on Cynthia Dunbar on Kick!

Also note that with the Governors’ help the state of Texas last week removed Health Education from the required list of Public School courses. Texas with the highest rate of child obesity, and close to the highest rates of teen pregnancies and STDs will no longer require students to learn how best to eat and how best to not get HIV and pregnant.

As they say down here it Texas, we may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer but who needs sharp knives when we all have a .44 magnum in our pocket!  Texas drops health education requirement 

Gail Lowe is different than Dunbar and McLeroy in that…

Well let’s see. She rejects the science of Global Warming and Climate Change, she will not tolerate gay friendly books in public school libraries and of course she not only believes that the Earth is 6000 years old and men live in gigantic fishes at the bottom of the sea, but wants to teach that to children in Texas Public Schools. So the difference seems to be that Don McLeroy and Cynthia Dunbar have repeatedly and loudly PROVEN themselves to be nastyass right-wing fundamentalist nitwits while Gail Lowe has yet to PROVE that as LOUDLY. Governor Perry Appoints another Creationist to School Board

Governor Rick Perry is up against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for the Governorship in 2010. Hutchison is a moderate Republican – moderate meaning advancing unregulated financial markets, reducing taxes on the wealthy and putting assault rifles in every home, car, college, bar and church in Texas. So our present Governor is positioning himself to he political Right of Rush Limbaugh and intellectually a step or two below Glenn Beck. Governor Perry is a walking talking self enclosed Texas Tea Party.