Roger Ailes, The Christopher Columbus of hate, a Eulogy by Matt Taibbi

Roger Ailes, The Christopher Columbus of hate, a Eulogy by Matt Taibbi

Outside their safe zones where the whiteflakes are mourning the death of the Lord father of Fox News, there are millions on social media saying something different. Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone seems to have spent the most time and energy at it, so I defer to him.

Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever – Fox News founder made this the hate-filled, moronic country it is today

When I mentioned to one of my relatives that I was writing about the death of Ailes, the response was, “Say that you hope he’s reborn as a woman in Saudi Arabia.”

Ailes has no one but his fast-stiffening self to blame for this treatment. He is on the short list of people most responsible for modern America’s vicious and bloodthirsty character.

We are a hate-filled, paranoid, untrusting, book-dumb and bilious people whose chief source of recreation is slinging insults and threats at each other online, and we’re that way in large part because of the hyper-divisive media environment he discovered.

Ailes was the Christopher Columbus of hate.


And a pre response to any Whiteflake who may have wandered out of their Fox News safe zone about respect for the dead chew on this:

Roger Ailes friend, neighbor and the our nations conservative moral authority Rush Limbaugh had these comments to share on the day of these deaths:

“Just another dead doper. And a dirt bag.” Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia
Kurt Cobain was, ladies and gentleman a worthless shred of human debris.”
“Robin Williams killed himself because liberals are never Happy.”