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Rudy Giuliani gets Booed at Yankee Stadium

Since Donald Trump moved to Washington, Rudy Giuliani has become The Clown of New York City.

Since the BBS days some 30 years ago I have tried to pound it into people that it is a waste of time dealing with these Right-wing morans. Get your licks in and MOVE ON.

Here is an example from just yesterday regarding Giuliani getting booed at Yankee Stadium.

rack jite 

TIME magazine each year gives MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD to whoever did the most good or ill in that year. Osama bin Laden was unarguably and absolutely the winner in 2001.

But because of CONSERVATIVE CORRECTNESS The Media gave it to Giuliani who did nothing more than any mayor of NY would have done.

Joe Mama [reply]

So you favor Bin Laden over Guiliani?

rack jite  reply to Joe Mama  40 minutes ago

This is exactly why it is a waste of time dealing with these morans. A level of dumb and dishonesty beyond a darker shade of pale.
And if you were not aware, these are the very people who elected a fellow internet troll as president.

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