Russia Collusion Condom Breaks, Donnie Jr’s Sexy Emails! Cartoon News

Russia Collusion Condom Breaks, Donnie Jr's Sexy Emails! Cartoon News

On episode 5 of ‘Breaking News’ DC Douglas carefully explores Donnie Jr’s sexy emails in which Junior claims he flirted outrageously, but that nothing was consummated…So, no biggie – right?
While it certainly looks as though the collusion condom is breaking, Sarah-Huckabee-Sanders says it’s not a big deal: ‘He was only flirting in a very legal standard collusion in the usual way.’ Asked about Trump Senior’s tweet later in the day which seems to prove the flirting was consummated – the transmission was dropped by the White House.

See how all the evidence amounts to “a big Nothing Burger”as Republicans have calmly explained, and selling out America for money and power is just business as usual for our royal family.