Ruth Bader Ginsburg throws Supreme Court Jello Shots and Weed Party, Onion

Onion week in reviewWhile Clarence Thomas looked for pubic hairs on coke cans.

I have been checking out the racist websites since about 1995 to see what their issues are. Since then, the centerpiece of the National Front, Klan sites, Aryan Nations et al, has been getting rid of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!  I mean wowzer, that’s the main issue of racists in America. In a few weeks, the Republican Supreme Court will do their bidding and put an end to it. Leading the way will be Clarence “Slappy” Thomas, the only black on the court (who serves mint julips to the others during breaks). Here is what that ugly hypocrite said about Affirmative Action after Ronald Reagan appointed him to head the EEOC:

“Affirmative action is critical to minorities and women in this society… But for affirmative action laws, God only knows where I would be today. These laws and their proper application are all that stand between the first 17 years of my life and the second 17 years.” Clarence Thomas 1983.

If fairness is the issue, how about the 350 years of fairness before 1965.  Besides, Republicans see fairness as synonymous with communism anyway. And if you ever run into one of those Republicans who tell you that Martin Luther King Jr was against Affirmative Action, throw this at them:

“A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the Negro.” Dr. Martin Luther King