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Sacha Baron Cohen makes fools of Roy Moore, Sarah Palin, Joe Arpaio, Joe Walsh and Dick Cheney

Palin and Moore are both lodging lawsuits against Sacha Cohen and Showtime for making fools of them. The intellectual level of Moore, Palin and Arpaio was just not high enough to be able to tell they were being taken for a ride – as you or I would have in about 10 seconds.

Kind of like those Morning DJs who make calls to people egging them on with insults while pretending to be company representatives.  Ever hear those?  Gosh, I mean how do the DJs know beforehand that they are calling imbeciles?  Cohn has an advantage in that he knows beforehand what we all know is the intellect level of celebrities he fooled.  He also did this to Ted Koppel who was on to it in a minute.

The best part of this article is how Sacha Baron Cohen keeps it going with Palin even after he gets found out.

Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly dupes Ted Koppel, Roy Moore, Joe Arpaio; responds to Palin criticism