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Samantha Bee, Ask your doctor about Ambien

I do believe the response from AMBIEN was the best thing said so far in the Roseanne firing. But it is not so much that Ambien makes one a racist but that Ambien makes racists forget to hide the fact that they are racists.

My wife came home after the Roseanne firing to tell me that back in 2012 a coworker sent an internal email with Michelle Obama as a gorilla. The large NASA contractor she works for had “Cindy’s” desk cleaned and her out the door in 45 minutes.

How strange that it is corporate America that steps up to the plate while Republicans wallow in the bigotry. Even the ones who are not bigots only because they are deathly afraid of bigots, racists and gun enthusiasts. The 62 million voters who no longer have even a hint of better angels on their shoulders.

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