Samantha Bee asks where should Blacks protest racism?

Samantha Bee asks where should Blacks protest racism?DO NOT DISTURB – PROTESTING SYSTEMIC RACISM on the broom closet door.

Anyone notice how the FREE SPEECH hate group gatherings have been petering out as these same nitwits and their beerless leader are screaming to deny that same free speech to black athletes.

And these black athletes are protesting quietly, non violently and above all are not specifically going to the most conservative institutions they can find to fling shit it their faces which is the whole point of this silly right wing free speech game.

It’s like a Dr Seuss poem. Not by athletes, not in the streets, not in their seats, not on their knees, not on the seas  not even with bees…

Hypocrisy no longer matters to Republicans. AT ALL

Two lessons I found in all this…

Religion and patriotism are the cause of most war and regress in the world.

And don’t trust anyone who won’t have a beer.