Samantha Bee, DACA, Dreamers and Bigoted sack of Bisquick Kris Kobach

Samantha Bee, DACA, Dreamers and Bigoted sack of Bisquick Kris KobachIf there is really a God in this world Kris Kobach, a one man human centipede of anti-immigrant bullshit, bigoted sack of Bisquick and patronizing slab of white privilege will have ICE tear down his front door and drag half his family into police wagons, bused to family concentration camps and then deported to the South Sudan at the end of the line of Muslims to immigrate to America.

But of course that will not happen so there you have the proof that God has not been seen or heard for 2000 years now.

When our attention is drawn to these KIND OF PEOPLE we do not have to guess that Dad will be one of the chosen half to stay.

Kris Kobach, a Kansas DA running for Governor who works at Breitbart is the spokesman for throwing out 1.7 million Dreamers AND head of the White House investigation of find the 3 million illegal aliens who voted for Hillary and do not exist.

A Donald Trump exaggeration to a magnitude of about 3,000,000. Is that like a 3 to the 6th power lie? Or a 3,000,000% lie?  Is that perhaps the biggest lie that has ever been told by anyone in human history?

Well other than “If you do what I tell you to do, you will never die.”  I wonder if the guy that came up with that idea -only to accumulate the most nose bones in the tribe – knew that 100,000 years later we would still be believing his silly crap?

Religion is only a matter of need. For the miserable, the ignorant, the lonely, the weak, the mentally unstable and the bad. Sorry if  I missed anyone. Make people happier, smarter, friendlier, stronger and good and psssht… Gone with the wind.

I can get away with saying stuff like that because no one ever gets this far down in these articles…