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Samantha Bee, getting rid Trump, Impeachment perhaps, voting for sure

Samantha Bee, Impeachment from the mouths of babes

Samantha Bee, Impeachment from the mouths of babesBetter to get out on the streets rather than just turning off the TV. Not only is it a good emotional release, but shows the world not all Americans are ignorant dicks.

And remember, getting rid of the dick still leaves us with the same Republican policies. Nothing will change. In fact it could get even worse.

But… The crew here has it right, demonstrations are not the answer, confronting Trump elected officials and GETTING OUT THE VOTE are the answers. Independents and Democrats have Republicans outnumbered almost 2 to one, but almost half of them don’t vote. If just 2% more votes for Democrats come 2018 and we take the House and Senate. Drag your friends to vote.

Most non voters don’t vote because they believe it doesn’t make any difference. That never was the case and it is now proven that it is not the case.¬†Who wins makes a difference in what we eat, breath, drink, travel, own, work and get to see a doctor and not die.


To Republicans free market ideology is more important than your life and the lives of your children.

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