Samantha Bee makes a fool of puesdo feminist Ivanka Trump

Samantha Bee makes a fool of feminist Ivanka Trump“Look I get it, people are comforted by the thought of a progressive feminist in the White House. To that I say, if you wanted that you should have voted for it.”

The problem with Ivanka is that all her progressive tolerance and feminism is just show with no action and no ability to effect her Father with any of it.

It was this photo of the Trump children that struck me the most. If you had to pick one of the three in this picture for anything at all, it’s a no brainer on who to pick. Well unless you are looking for someone to take to a monster truck rally.

But there is one good thing about Ivanka Trump. She is the most reasonable and sane person in or around the White House. Though that aint saying much.

Speaking of feminists, did you hear? Ann Coulter, who believes women should not be allowed to vote, is now dating Jimmie Walker. She finally dumped Matt Drudge.