Samantha Bee makes a fool of racists Iowa’s Steve King and Netherlands’ Geert Wilders

Samantha Bee makes a fool of racists Steve King and Geert WildersIowa’s US Representative Steve King has a long history of racist remarks. Wait. Racists don’t like being called racists so we shouldn’t do that, it hurts their feelings. They need a safe space to hang out. The White House will do nowadays.

So it’s not racist, it’s white nationalism, or white supremacy, or Alt Right, or Bannonism, or white separatism, or white identity politics, or anti-multiculturalism, or confederacy, or nazism. Take your pick it’s all the same thing.

Over the past few months news sources around the world have been watching the Netherlands and Geert Wilder for the bell weather as to how Europe will go into white identity populism. That it will be the first first election since America elected Trump who brought white nationalism in America not only from the fringe to the mainstream, but to dominate the Republican Party, the White House and Congress. But as parliamentary elections go, Wilder lost big.

I just read a litany of Steve King’s bold racist remarks over the years to find almost all of it comes from being a rabid religious pro life / anti contraception ideology.

10 Times Representative Steve King Has Been Horribly Offensive