Samantha Bee makes a fool of Scott Walker is made of pork and cheese

Samantha Bee makes a fool of Scott Walker is made of pork and cheeseGovernor Scott Walker of the Trump State of Wississippi brags that he eats TWO ham and cheese sandwiches each and every day for 26 years.

“That is 19,000 ham and cheese sandwiches, he has eaten more pork than Kermit the frog.”

BTW, this is another Republican who puts all his draconian politics against the poor on the back of Jesus Christ.

Hey at least President Trump puts all his problems on the back of Barrack Obama, his generals and The Media leaving Jesus out of it unless he is forced to.

Unlike we here in Texas who all love to hear anything about Mississippi because it makes us feel good being as the second worse state, Scott Walker embraces Mississippi as the model to emulate. He is catching up!  The only major difference is the ham and cheese versus the white gravy.

Being from Wisconsin I can empathize somewhat with Scotty. The memes of Wisconsin are beer, cheese and brats, in that order.

And like here in Texas where you can usually shoot a cannon down the streets and highways every Sunday morning JESUSIHOP, it is the same in the Fall in Wisconsin every Sunday afternoon, PACKERBEER