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Samantha Bee makes fools of the Federalist Society

Samantha Bee makes fools of the Federalist Society

Samantha Bee makes fools of the Federalist SocietyPerhaps one of the most confusing issues in politics is what the word FEDERALISM means. As an old Polysci major I find myself never explaining it because I wrongly assume everyone understands it.

On the surface it would seem federalism means the federal government is boss, but it means just the opposite, States Rights taday, States rights tamarra, States Rights foeva.

The picture here is of the two men who began the Federalist Society and considered the fathers of Original Intent which pretty much says it all. Antonin Scalia and Robert Bork. As bad as it gets.

As we learn from Jeffery Tobin, Original Intent means the constitution must be interpreted as how men 230 years ago saw their world. Before Darwin, before emancipation, before electricity, before trains, before airplanes, before the telegraph, before the steam engine, before women and the landless could vote, before guns fired more than one shot every 30 seconds all while the streets flowed with manure, human waste.and drunks.

I have an idea. If everyone voted, Democrats would win it all, all the time. We can’t do as Australia and other nations do and fine people for not voting, nor can we have the government pay people to vote, but how about this?

The DNC takes most of their money and funds free ribs, taco and app trucks for those in line out front of every polling place in America for that one day?  Free Beer?  That could be counter productive…

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