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Samantha Bee, old Florida Jews uncivily rail against uncivily starring Alan Bernstein

Samantha Bee, old Florida Jews uncivily rail against uncivily starring Alan Bernstein

Samantha Bee, old Florida Jews uncivily rail against uncivily starring Alan Bernstein
“The Democrat Party is the fascist Party.” Alan Bernstein

We first learn from 84 year old Alan that he seldom smiles. Next up he brags that he seldom smiles.  Then to the meat of the piece that Donald Trump who is “cool and calm” and his demeanor is one of civility.

It seems Alan Bernstein can’t tell the difference between recent white presidents and black presidents.

Alan is not just expressing the direct opposite of the truth, his own alternative fact and fake news, but proves his mind had been scrambled by talk radio and Fox News. Donald Trump is not only the most uncool, uncalm and least civil president in our history, but perhaps the most uncool, uncalm and least civil person on Earth.

“I have not heard one word from Donald Trump demeaning Democrats.” Alan Bernstein. Wow!

And to top that off when told by the narrator that Trump called a Democrat “dumb as rocks” Alan replied civilly that “They are.” .

“The Democrat Party is a fascist Party. You started the KKK, Slavery, and if you don’t like what I say pick up your tushy’s and get out.” That was seconds after Alan said he is always civil and had never demeaned Democrats. BTW, the “Democrat party” rather than the “Democratic party” is the key to knowing he gets all his swill from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Alan Bernstein complains that if a conservative speaks up in his community they are thrown out of the card game and into the pool. That last part a lie of course.  When liberals complain they are surrounded by Neo Nazis and White Supremacists with torches, clubs and assault rifles, beat up and told to get out of America, especially Jews like Alan Bernstein.

The flaw in this piece is they got the wrong liberal to go up against him, an unlikable know-it-all selling himself, it should have been Bubby.

How can one argue or debate people who are this far gone in right-wing La La Land? The only reason to get in it with these kind of people is to get your licks in, shame them, and bait them into showing how ignorant, nasty and deplorable nobs they are to the world at large.

We are now told that bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia and religious intolerance are all equal to and just as valid as those who oppose all that ugliness in human nature. 

This crap about BOTH SIDES are just as bad is just that total crap.  I have been in debate areas on the net, on the web, in comment areas, on social media for 30 years and the name calling, the lies, the nasty and the threats are about 100 to 1 from the right. It is the marketing plan of talk radio and Fox News, there is big money in making assholes feel good about themselves.

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