Samantha Bee, the take down of the Honorable Omarosa

Samantha Bee, the take down of the Honorable OmarosaSo who will win this war between General Kelly and the Honorable Omarosa? What with Bannon and Gorka fired and Trump’s approval going up because of that, it’s pretty much a nobrainer. This also bodes poorly for Stephen Miller. Trump wants approval more than anything and he sees it rise as Kelly wins his personal fights he will acquiesce.

Any rise in Trump’s approvals could be dangerous for Democrats. But perhaps it is not the firing of these people at all, but rather when at the UN Trump said he would totally destroy North Korea – and of course South Korea along with it.. This is America, we love that stuff. The only thing that could have been better for Trump was to hold an assault rifle with a red tie made of bullets on a Harley.

Who is now the most reviled African American to African Americans? For quite a while it was Ward Connerly, the black advocate to destroy Affirmative Action, but he has passed from the light leaving Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson and Omarosa vying for that coveted title of singing the songs Republicans most like hearing. They are paid well in sacks of silver.