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Samantha Bee transcript takedown of Donald Trump and the media

Samantha bee transcript takedown of Donald Trump and the media Samantha Bee returns from a 5 week vacation to neuter the media – who grades this election on a curve – and destroy Donald Trump who is only in it to be called Mr President.

The media projected equality of these candidates, one with perhaps the best resume for President in our history, and the other who brings the old Monty Python “Silly Party” sketch to life goes so far beyond the pale that it requires at least one F word on TBS to get the point across.

So here you go, I took the time to transcribe the best Trump Takedown thus far for you. And please if you have anything to add on what to call his duffle of dippoops please leave them in the comment area. Here you go from Samantha Bee:

I know the newsrooms are trying to fact check the geyser of mendacious vomit that spews non stop from the Trump campaign and  a candidate whose entire being is a lie, maintaining the image of fairness requires the media to present them as equally flawed candidates even though they know that is incorrect.

On one side you have the most breathtaking unqualified ignoramus racebaiting bully tax cheating investor swindling worker shafting dictator loving pathologically lying attorney general bribing philandering mob narcissist serial con artist who doesn’t have the attention span to read a fortune cookie much less an fking intelligence briefing…

While on the other hand Hillary Clinton used a private email server.

See perfectly even.

The next then up on the plate for politics, a neck and neck senate race between a Rhode Scholar and a petre dish full of fecal bacteria.  TWEET US YOUR THOUGHTS!

So with that said, and said so well, and more truthfully than anything Donald Trump, his surrogates or cable news has said about him, what do you think are the right words to describe the one half two thirds of Republicans who want this sorry excuse for a human being to become not the mayor of the trailer park but the President of the United States?

a) A Basket of Deplorables
b) A Duffle of Dippoops
c)  A Gaggle of Gomers
d) A School of Shitfish
e) A Flock of Farts
f) A Crowd of Crap
g) A Group of Gorgons
h) A Gang of Gobbers
i)  A Mass of Morons
j)  A Herd of Herpes
k) A Dish of Dolts
l)  A Rash of Racists
m) A Forest of Fools

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