Samantha Bee, Tuggin’ Ted Cruz, the Republicans and the Hurricanes

Samantha Bee, Tuggin' Ted Cruz, the Republicans and the Hurricanes DON’T FIRE GUNS AT THE HURRICANES!
So many sheep so little time…

So when idiots get angry at something they shoot at it? Yes, that is the problem. How many people without guns shot at hurricanes? Only people with guns shoot people.

What can a few bullets do when trees and cars are flying through the air at 100mph? Not much but best not shoot into the wind.

Does anyone really shoot at hurricanes outside Texas and Florida? The people of Nowherestan – Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and North and South Dakota would if a Hurricane ever got that far.
How many idiots with guns are there? Not sure but since November we learned that there are at least 62 million idiots in who vote.