Sarah Palin: Big Mouth Mama Grizzly quiet as a cowardly mouse

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It’s rare, if not downright unprecedented for Sarah Palin to keep quiet – odder still to do so when the slings and arrows are aimed at her. The queen of Facebook and Twitter seems to be letting Fox friends act in her defense.

Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman discuss Sarah Palin’s silence and lack of "redudiation" that one would expect from within the maelstrom of criticism. It surrounds Palin from sane sources to lunatic Fred Phelps who called her a "witch" and a "cowardly mouse."

Is this the one time that keeping quiet may do her more harm than good if she still has presidential aspirations?

  • Muy Groso

    She is for doing the smart thing. After the President’s speech tonight the issue will begin to close and be forgotten. She has 60% of Americans on her side that it is wrong to blame her. She only has to wait and soon will be back playing victim.
    And it will work for her. We deserve President Palin. And after NOTHING is done about guns and teh NRA and 30 round clips, we deserved Vice President Nugent.