Sarah Palin debates America’s Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers


Rumored to be searching for a female Veep, Romney’s campaign has all but eliminated Condi Rice from the running. I think we all know which female candidate is left. Not only is Sarah Palin female, but she might take some heat from Romney for his treatment of Seamus the ill-fated family dog. What’s a 2,000 mile ride atop the family wagon compared to ‘hunting’ with a high powered rifle from a helicopter, only to add the stuffed victims into her decorating scheme?

In this interview from 2008, America’s Best Christian Mrs. Betty Bowers asks ‘America’s best stay-away mom’ questions which are still valid in today’s campaign. After all, much like Saint Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland; Palin – while speaking in tongues, drove the gays out of Alaska. Between Palin and Romney, the U.S. will consist of nothing but straight, white conservative billionaires with no one to mow their lawns or raise their children. Is it possible that we can obtain a group rate to Canada – just in case the unthinkable happens?

Betty Bowers interviews America's next Veep, Sarah Palin